Lil Gleemerz


Introducing Lil’ Gleemerz

In 2018 Mattel launched “Lil’ Gleemerz,” a new line of interactive toys featuring rainbow light-up fur tails and quirky sounds and phrases. Our team created social micro-content and a website to help with digital amplification of the product launch


– Website
– Facebook (video-first) content
– Instagram content


– Creative Direction
– Ux Strategy
– Art Direction
– Web Design
– Video Storyboards

Content Creation for social

Lil’ Gleemerz have many play modes—in one mode, the toy responds with fun phrases and sounds (such as a purrs and growls when the head is tapped) and in another, the rainbow tail to flashes different colors to the beat of music. We created a series of videos to introduce each character and showcase some of these features in a fun and visual way.

Art direction


These micro videos were designed to be consumed in 30 seconds or less.


Glow in the dark

To highlight Lil Gleemerz glow-in-the-dark features, we extended light concepts to the physical space for a video and still photo shoot. We also developed ways to execute this approach with influencers and at toy fairs.

Hallandale Beach