Columbia Doctors


Columbia’s New Primary Care Clinics in New York.

In collaboration with the Columbia University School of Nursing faculty and the Additive Agency, I designed and developed the Nurse Practitioner Group’s website—from the UX strategy, wireframes and user flows to web design and CMS development.


– Website
– Email Newsletters


– UX Strategy
– Art Direction
– Web Development

A new website

To reinforce the brand’s mission to offer comprehensive and coordinated healthcare, I created a site that was innovative yet fun that would attract residents from the New York area. The intuitive design welcomes and engages current and prospective patients, and helps them quickly find the information they needed.


Enabling innovation

The CMS was designed and custom-built with back-end tools focused on rapidly launching new pages and articles, facilitating innovation for Columbia’s internal teams.

Design & Development

a modular system

From editorial content and promotions to updating team members and services, the site’s modular system allowed for total customization. The goal of this easy-to-use system was to empower Columbia to continue to build new content and to help educate, drive awareness, and encourage more people to visit the center.

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